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I live in Putnam County which is located in west central Indiana. We live in a private lake community called Heritage Lake.  We have a 1/3  acre lot, but lots of wooded areas in our section. It is an area with an amazing variety of birds to be found through out the year. That is what sparked my interest in birding. Once I got a digital camera there was no turning back. I now spend a good portion of everyday photographing my feathered friends. This page: http://www.yardbirder.net/List.php?Name=nannysgarden&List=NannysLifeList
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2010 list:

(1 birds)

2009 list:

(8 birds)

2008 list:

(100 birds)

2007 list:

(4 birds)

List photos:

Red-shouldered Hawk 

Sharp-shinned Hawk 

Cedar Waxwing