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My yard is 1/2 acre on the west side of Pensacola, Florida.  The northwest corner of the yard is left natural with trees and brush for cover and nesting areas for birds.  I have plants throughout the rest of the yard for butterfiles and hummingbirds.  In the front yard on the east side of the house is what is left of a large pecan tree, badly battered by hurricanes over the last 4 years, but still standing.  Hedges along the east fenceline and along the north side of the house provide more shelter and nexting spots for birds.  Large azaleas along the east side of the house also offer cover and nesting for birds.  I maintain 3 hummingbird feeders year round and have wintering hummingbirds from the west stay in my yard.  I maintain a thistle feeder and five seed feeders as well as three birdbaths.

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