Casa-Langooney, YardList

Our yard is mostly gravel with a few native trees: gumbo limbos and willow bustic.  We have a decent patch of hardwood hammock behind the house and from the roof have a view of mangrove forest and some open water.  We have a bird bath and spread mixed seed on the ground (gave up trying to keep the squirrels off the feeder).  We occasionally keep a hummingbird feeder. This page: http://www.yardbirder.net/List.php?Name=Casa-Langooney&List=YardList
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2008 list:

(41 birds)

2007 list:

(11 birds)

2006 list:

(39 birds)

2005 list:

(33 birds)

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List photos:

A view of the back yard. 

Painted Buntings that showed up after Hurricane Wilma. 

Blackpolls are common spring migrants.