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Just under an acre, with 3/4ths of that in horse pasture and paddock. We have a row of cedars and firs along the north edge. The house is loosely surrounded by pines and firs (the pines not native to this part of Washington). The yard around the house has small amounts of lawn and a rather crowded garden dominated by rhododendrons. There are a few somewhat natural parts of the planting, but mostly not. We have a pond (5' x 8') and a waterfall (4' long with a 1.5' drop). The birds love the stream. I have a few feeders around - black-oil sunflower, millet blend, thistle seed, suet, and 2 hummingbird feeders. This page: http://www.yardbirder.net/List.php?Name=BridleviewHouse&List=YardList
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